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100% of the reason I am writing this post is to justify the beginning of sharing various links and Youtube videos that I enjoy on my Gravity Release Me Facebook Page. So for those who like/follow the GRM FB page, keep your eye’s peeled for the occasional link/video. For those who don’t like/follow me, you should follow me to see if I actually keep to my word. (smooth Jace, smooth.)

The other 100% of the reason I’m writing this post is because I fuckin’ love Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and lastly, but by absolutely no means least, Mr. Karl Pilkington. They are hilarious! Allow me to tell you about how I found out about these 3 gentlemen (in chronological order):

Ricky Gervais

I know of Ricky Gervais because I was born and raised on Earth.

Stephen Merchant

I saw a tall, funny, strange-looking guy on Extras once. Then I played Portal 2 and fell in love with Wheatley. Then I looked up the actor who voiced him and finally put a name to that strange-looking face. The face-person was Stephen Merchant.

Karl Pilkington

An Irish friend of mine told me about a TV show called An Idiot Abroad, featuring an elaborate prank organised by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The victim of this prank was none other than Karl Pilkington.

It’s only recently that I’ve been completely hooked on their content and Karl Pilkington is solely to blame for all of this. Here’s why:

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are comedians. Karl Pilkington is not. Karl is one of the most simple, un-touched, sheltered, innocent human beings of our time. Karl doesn’t think the same as everyone else, he’s on a completely different wavelength (Ricky would no doubt bet he doesn’t think at all). Ricky and Stephen fully realise this, and they both exploit this by placing Karl in strange situations just to see how he’ll react. They’ll ask him questions on their podcast (The Ricky Gervais Show) just to hear Karl’s explanation. They’ll send Karl all around the world, followed by a camera crew, just to see how he’ll react to other people and cultures. Granted, at times Ricky can be quite harsh to Karl, but it ends up creating an atmosphere where Ricky is the bad guy and Karl’s the underdog that you can’t help but love. I also believe that no matter how ridiculous Karl is, there are gonna be times when you think to yourself: “…actually he’s got a point there.”

But what you really need are these guys in action:

Karl at the Dead Sea

Karl's Superpower

Karl's Nickname, CB Radio and Monkey News

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