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A Grave Mistake

Skyrim is out, and I’ve decided to wait till I finish Assassins Creed: Revelations (which comes out today) before I play it.

However, last Friday I decided to start playing Shadow of the Colossus and figured I’d have it finished in a day or two – I’ve played it before, it isn’t too long.  But I didn’t get as much time as I’d hoped to play it.  Now it’s Assassins Creed day, and I haven’t finished Shadows.

Now I’ll pick up AC:R today and won’t play it till I finish Shadows. Which also means I won’t be able to hunt down all the trophies in Shadows. Or I CAN hunt down the trophies but that means delaying AC:R. Which means delaying Skyrim.

I’ve made a grave mistake.

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