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Powers for evil…

Sometimes I like the fact that some people know that I’m somewhat tech-savvy (being a programmer and all). Sometimes I like to help people.

Sometimes I use my powers for evil. (more…)

I’m onto you, Gaijin.

So every morning I wake up at 7:15am. Then I snooze till 7:40am. Then I lazily get up and have a shower. Then I eat breakfast whilst watching Youtube videos as it’s time efficient. Occasionally I watch youtube videos before I have breakfast, which is not time efficient, then I end up not eating breakfast.

Then I catch the 8:34am train to Hirakata-shi station. Where I make my way to platform 4 and jump onto the front carriage of the semi-express train to Yodoyabashi. At around 9:10am, I arrive at Yodoyabashi and exit the front carriage. I try to get onto the front carriage at Hirakata-shi because it is right by a staircase leading up to the western exit at Yodoyabashi. It is here, that the magic happens.

Everyday, without fail, I spot a Gaijin (foreigner) walking up this staircase towards the western exit. Everyday it is always someone new. But every single time I spot them I think to myself: (more…)

Just a bit of waffle: Thursday

Ok so you’re probably wondering how my first week of work was. Right? Well it was good! It went well! I’m super excited for this next week. However this post isn’t going to be about my new job.

As the title suggests, this post is just going to be a meaningless bit of waffle.

So, last Sunday, I received a text from a friend asking if I wanted to attend a fashion show she was going to be in at a museum in Kyoto that afternoon. However, that afternoon I was actually filling in for a friend at his job – it was just the one shift at an English Conversation Cafe. So as great as the fashion show would have been, I had to decline. I asked her when she was free next, she said Thursday.

That afternoon, as mentioned before, I went to work at the English Conversation Cafe. It was great! I just talked to a couple of old-ish Japanese women. They were most interesting – although talking to anyone for 4 hours straight does get tiring. But I enjoyed it. After the customers left and we closed up the cafe the boss said she was very happy with my work and wanted to offer me more work. Unfortunately, my friend would normally work on Sundays – he was just away on that particular Sunday. But she said they have another day with an availability. Which day? Thursday. (more…)

カイロ (Kairo)

It’s been pretty cold here in Japan lately. Well… I call it cold – there are much colder places on Earth. But let’s keep in mind I come from a part of Australia where winter lows are average around 10°C (50°F) – as opposed to the 0°C (32°F) I’m experiencing here in Japan on a daily basis. Things are fine when I’m out and about during the day because I have a nice down jacket, thermals, gloves etc. But night time, in my zero-insulation wooden home, in bed – now that’s a completely different story.

However recently, out of the blue, a friend of mine introduced me to “Kairo” – and life was good.

What is Kairo? Essentially it’s just a heat pack that lasts for 14 hours! The ones I have come in packs of 10 and only run about 300 yen ($5)! The heat pack has some weird, but safe, chemicals inside as well as 1 adhesive side. All you need to do is shake and twist it up gently, and stick it on your shirt around your chest or stomach before you go to bed. If you want, you can throw a second one on your back too. After a few minutes it warms up and keeps your core warm all night and even the next morning. I’m stockpiling enough Kairo to get me through the winter. (more…)

Facebook Page!

Hey all! This next week or so will be extremely busy for me, so it will be hard to write my full length blog posts (although I will look for some time to myself to do so!).

In the mean time, I’ll be updating the Gravity Release Me Facebook Page with various things I’m doing in preparation for my departure to Japan. Once settled, I’ll try put up something a little more comprehensive about my preparations etc. etc.

But for now, if you wanna keep in the loop, head over to the Gravity Release Me Facebook Page.

Chrono Desires

…or Undisclosed Trigger?

Am I the only one that thinks of Chrono Trigger during the intro of Undisclosed Desires by Muse? It’s those weird plucked string things…

Muse: Undisclosed Desires

Chrono Trigger: World Map Theme 1 (more…)

People never cease to amaze me

Oh do I have a story for you!!!

Ok, so this didn’t happen to me, this actually happened to my lovely girlfriend, Elinore, last Friday. This will boggle your mind.

I arrived at Elinore’s place on Friday night, we were having some drinks and eating cheese and crackers with her best friend.  As I walk through the door, Elinore says to me, “Have you seen Oscar?” Elinore has a little Maltese dog, named Oscar.

“No,” I replied before proceeding to go and examine Oscar.  I stepped outside, called him, and he came running to me.  Quickly I notice that he is cleanly shaved, “Naww so cute!” I say.

“No! No he isn’t!” She calls back at me.

As with most Malteses, Oscar has long hair, and occasionally requires grooming. So Elinore has been calling a dog groomer, let’s call her, “Not-Linda” (in an effort to respect Linda’s privacy – a poor effort, mind you).  So Not-Linda would come around, groom and bathe Oscar.  The last time Elinore had requested her services was some 6 month ago. (more…)


It’s no secret amongst those who know me that I am petrified of spiders. I hate photos of them. I hate them in real life. I hate everything about them.  I think their role on this earth is completely redundant.

But they eat all the bugs!

They eat *some* bugs. Like, the occasional fly.  Geckos on the other hand eat much more than spiders do and don’t put your life at risk in the progress.  Why don’t we just rid the world of spiders and have our governments launch a Baby Bonus incentive scheme for Geckos? I’ll put it forward the next time the Prime Minister and I catch up for coffee.

Actually the fact that spiders, specifically “Huntsmen” (such as the spider mentioned below), eat more than geckos is a completely fabricated fact.  It may be true. I wouldn’t know.  I tried to research how much a Huntsman could eat, but I couldn’t because of all the spider photos that are on the pages.  I. Just. Can’t. Do. It. (more…)


“Mo” (or “Moe”?) = Moustache.

November = Month of the year.

Mo + November = “Movember” = “No shave November” = During the month of November you have an excuse to look like a raggity ol’ bastard OR an 80s Porn Stud OR a Sex Offender OR just one classy mofo like this chap:

Doesn’t matter what you call it where you’re from, the message is the same: November is a month dedicated to raising awareness for mens health.  Men all over Australia (and other participating countries) grow their facial hair, specifically (but not limited to) their moustaches.  Some sign up at the Movember website as an individual or a team, documenting their Maux-Adventures to raise money for the cause. (more…)

Near Death Experience

My last post was about a fearful encounter I had the other day and this post will be about a near death experience. I realise that things are starting to get gloomy (even with the laughable ending of the last post). Should you be worried? Is the wonderful land of Gravity Release Me going to become dark and gloomy?


To be sure to keep things happy and light-hearted, it will be my aim counter the scaryness of this post with frequent pictures of happy, heart-warming photos, much like this one:


So, a couple months ago I suffered from an allergic reaction to a needle I received at the doctors clinic. And not just a mild allergic reaction; Anaphylaxis. Honestly, i went from fine and healthy one minute to tight chested, clammy palmed, flushed face, cramped stomach 4 minutes later. It was scary. I had to fight to keep myself conscious, the only thing keeping me conscious was the fact that I thought that if I slipped away now, I might not actually wake up.  That’s right, irrelevant to the fact of whether or not I could have died (and I’m certain Anaphylaxis is life threatening), I believed that at these next few minutes could be my last. (more…)

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