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And that’s that.

Due to Pokemon and a pirated copy of RPG Maker, when I was about 12 years old I had dreamt up a life of making games in Japan.

And owning a pet Bulbasaur.

Since then, things happened, events took place, decisions were made, life was lived, failure was had and success was realised. My journey to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a game programmer in Japan has finally come to an end. On Monday, I had my final interview for the game programmer job mentioned in my last post. (more…)

Fun with Visual Mathematics

Yesterday a developer I follow on Twitter shared this really cool lecture by Steven Wittens (his website: – be warned, it’s all in WebGL) about visual mathematics. Here it is:

Steven Wittens doesn’t claim to be a Mathematician, but he’s definitely comfortable within the realm of math, specifically the creative and visual kind. In his talk he does his best to inform us that the algorithm memorization and symbolic math approach to learning math that is generally taught to us in school isn’t necessarily the best approach to teaching, or in fact learning, math. I remember learning integrals and finding the area under a curve and honestly, to this day, I’ve just taken the values the algorithm spits out entirely on faith. This, I believe, is Steven’s point: Sandboxes are important. Giving the ability to be able to experiment in real time so that the student/learner is able to understand the effect of their math is of far greater value than simply memorising algorithms. (more…)

Set up a C++ SDL/OpenGL Game Development Project – Xcode 4 (OSX 10.8)

So once upon a yonder there was a magical little link in the downloads section of the SDL site linking to the development libraries for Mac OSX which included the Project Templates for SDL in Xcode (< 4). However that link isn’t there anymore and those project templates no longer work for Xcode 4. There are a couple project templates that people have already made (such as here), but in an effort to further my understandings of Xcode, I decided to try and set up an SDL project from scratch and outline the steps I took so as to help out others who may need it! Read on to see what I did… (more…)

Textbooks – End to End

So I’ve started reading a textbook – at the recommendation of my work colleagues. For some reason it never occurred to me that I would learn something from a textbook, let alone learn A LOT, which is incredibly stupid on my part.  My colleagues told me that if one is able to read through a textbook, end to end, ones knowledge and skill level would increase dramatically (bearing in mind that my colleagues and I are IT/Programmers/DBA’s etc.).

This just never occurred to me! I don’t know why. But they convinced me to grab a textbook and read it – and so that’s what I’m doing.

After doing some research on the web, I’ve picked up the highly recommended “C++ Primer” (Fourth Edition) by Stanley B. Lippman, Josée Lajoie and Barbara E. Moo in an attempt to rebuild my C++ knowledgebase, from scratch, with current best practices.  I’ve been working in C# for 2 years or so now, and only dappled in C++, even though C++ is really where I want to be.  So, what better way to right my self-taught wrongs and re-educate myself? (more…)

Beautiful Curves in HTML5

So a good friend of mine, Tim, has been working on some neat little HTML5 applications/experiments for the past few months. I still remember when he first told me about his prospects of entering the world of HTML5 and using JavaScript to create applications on “these canvas things”.

Well, as it would happen, Tim’s managed to do some remarkable things with those canvas things, notably, his most recent work: Beautiful Curves.

Beautiful Curves is essentially a drawing application with a twist (pun very much intended) – your only brush is a vine-like brush that, as you click and drag, continually grows new vines which twist and turn uncontrollably.  The prospects of drawing something even remotely distinguishable seems dismal at best (unless you’re drawing a vine – in which case i’m sure you’ll do a great job).  But! Tim has also included controls that allow you to change your brush colour, your brush thickness and your brush “length” (the “length” representing the length of the vines growing out of your brush strokes).  With these controls you can actually create some pretty neat effects and some decent artwork – not to mention, it’s incredibly fun.  At first it was gimicky, but now it has become a creative (albeit a gimickly creative) outlet for me. (more…)

Gravity Release Me

I used to run, but have since come to the realisation that the person who started that blog in 2008 and the person now running it are 2 very different people – a lot of growing up can be done in 3 years! was also created to focus on my study abroad to Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan – however my time at Kansai Gaidai has been and gone.  Try as I might to continue blogging at Road2Japan, I can’t help but feel that whatever I do or write is no longer relevant.  There were restrictions/expectations, created by myself and my readers, that at Road2Japan my posts should be about, well, Japan.  There are times where somethings happened, or a thought crosses my mind, or I learn something and think to myself: “I should blog about that! … oh wait, that really doesn’t belong on Road2Japan…”.  (more…)

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