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Near Death Experience

My last post was about a fearful encounter I had the other day and this post will be about a near death experience. I realise that things are starting to get gloomy (even with the laughable ending of the last post). Should you be worried? Is the wonderful land of Gravity Release Me going to become dark and gloomy?


To be sure to keep things happy and light-hearted, it will be my aim counter the scaryness of this post with frequent pictures of happy, heart-warming photos, much like this one:


So, a couple months ago I suffered from an allergic reaction to a needle I received at the doctors clinic. And not just a mild allergic reaction; Anaphylaxis. Honestly, i went from fine and healthy one minute to tight chested, clammy palmed, flushed face, cramped stomach 4 minutes later. It was scary. I had to fight to keep myself conscious, the only thing keeping me conscious was the fact that I thought that if I slipped away now, I might not actually wake up.  That’s right, irrelevant to the fact of whether or not I could have died (and I’m certain Anaphylaxis is life threatening), I believed that at these next few minutes could be my last. (more…)

The Fright of my Life

So last night I worked late, for an extra 2 hours.  Needless to say, by the time I left I was the last person in the office, the remnants of the suns rays were quickly dwindling, dusk had set in.

I switched off all but one set of lights in the office as I walked to the side door. I don’t have a key to this door and it self-locks when closed, so I had to make sure I had everything before I walked out because there’s no walking back in.

Keys, phone, iPod, wallet – Check.

I look towards the side door as I flick the remaining light switch in the office.  Quickly everything snaps into nothingness – or at least, perceived nothingness due to my unadjusted eyes.  I reach for the door handle, turn it, walk out onto the side walkway that leads to a set of stairs, then turned back to face the door to ensure that I close it correctly – the higher ups wouldn’t be happy if someone broke into the office and stole our equipment because a silly developer didn’t close the door properly!

Just as I hear the door click shut, something brushed my back.  Something big. (more…)

Beautiful Curves in HTML5

So a good friend of mine, Tim, has been working on some neat little HTML5 applications/experiments for the past few months. I still remember when he first told me about his prospects of entering the world of HTML5 and using JavaScript to create applications on “these canvas things”.

Well, as it would happen, Tim’s managed to do some remarkable things with those canvas things, notably, his most recent work: Beautiful Curves.

Beautiful Curves is essentially a drawing application with a twist (pun very much intended) – your only brush is a vine-like brush that, as you click and drag, continually grows new vines which twist and turn uncontrollably.  The prospects of drawing something even remotely distinguishable seems dismal at best (unless you’re drawing a vine – in which case i’m sure you’ll do a great job).  But! Tim has also included controls that allow you to change your brush colour, your brush thickness and your brush “length” (the “length” representing the length of the vines growing out of your brush strokes).  With these controls you can actually create some pretty neat effects and some decent artwork – not to mention, it’s incredibly fun.  At first it was gimicky, but now it has become a creative (albeit a gimickly creative) outlet for me. (more…)

A Grave Mistake

Skyrim is out, and I’ve decided to wait till I finish Assassins Creed: Revelations (which comes out today) before I play it.

However, last Friday I decided to start playing Shadow of the Colossus and figured I’d have it finished in a day or two – I’ve played it before, it isn’t too long.  But I didn’t get as much time as I’d hoped to play it.  Now it’s Assassins Creed day, and I haven’t finished Shadows.

Now I’ll pick up AC:R today and won’t play it till I finish Shadows. Which also means I won’t be able to hunt down all the trophies in Shadows. Or I CAN hunt down the trophies but that means delaying AC:R. Which means delaying Skyrim. (more…)

Hot vs. Cold

So, i’ve found myself asking a few people this question the past week or so as the temperature in sunny Brisbane begins to rise again.

“Do you prefer hot or cold weather?”

The majority of the people I ask respond with a preference of hot weather, but there’s always the odd person who appreciates the cold.  One guy cleverly answered “I’m gonna cop out and say I prefer it somewhere in between.” … touché.

I prefer the cold, and honestly believe that anyone who appreciates the hot weather we have now over cold weather is straight up insane.  Hot weather is disgusting.  It makes you sweat, drains your energy and theres nothing you can do about it other than set up camp in your home next to the air conditioner (and ride up your electrical bill in the process).

But when it’s cold: Put on the appropriate clothing. Problem solved. Put on a jumper, or a warm jacket, gloves and a beanie and perhaps some pants that are a little warmer than jeans.   (more…)

Facebook Math Questions

Anyone out there using Facebook would have seen these little addition/subtraction/multiplication math questions appear in their newsfeed at one point or another.  You know, in the form of a poll.  For example:

Ok, these things irritate me.  Irritate me beyond words.  And I can’t put a finger on why.  So let’s figure this out…

Is it the question? No, the question is fine.  I love math, and I love exercising my mind (although I hardly call this exercising).  It definitely isn’t the difficulty.

Is it the fact that, in the above photo, 0 has more votes than 15? … A little bit – I mean, clearly that represents that the majority of the people taking part in this poll either has no knowledge of, or don’t remember the Order of Operations. (more…)

Skyrim vs. Assassins Creed: Revelations

So, this gaming season is by far one of the biggest seasons known to mankind. Yes. Mankind.

Huge, blockbuster titles are being hurled at the poor gaming community (and i mean poor in every sense of the word).  What do we buy? What do we play first? Do we get a 2nd job to accommodate this mammoth of a season?

Now, I say “we” as though I speak for my fellow gaming comrades – but, really it’s just what I feel and don’t wish to say “I”, thus placing myself as the topic marker – a responsibility i’m not willing to take due to completely random and irrational reasonings.

So! WE are being swamped with blockbuster games.

The dilemma in my corner of these times of international hardships begins November 11th: the release date of Skyrim.

Woo! Yeah! Let’s pickup the Skyrim pre-orders, run home, play it, take days off work, play it some more, 6 months later we’re 0.0001% of the way through the game! YEAH! SKYRIM! (more…)

Road 2 Japan… again

I’ve been tossing up whether or not I should continue in my web developer/programmer role at Dreamworld here in Australia, or if I should return to Japan.  I’ve stuck around here in Australia for all this time because I had this job at Dreamworld.  I’m a programmer.  At Australia’s largest theme park.  This is what I’ve worked towards all this time right?


I did not dedicate the past 5 years of my life to become a web developer.  My passion lies in games. Although I have learned SOOO much this past year at Dreamworld, I now feel there is nothing there that will get me closer to my goal to work in games – in fact, all it is doing now is pushing me away from it.  I spend 40+ hours a week working in technologies that are not used in games when I could be using that time (or some of that time) working in technologies that ARE used in games.  The work exhausts me, which is fine, but it also means that when I come home I can’t hit the books or frantically prototype games as much as I’d like/need because I’ve been programming for hours already all day and i’m running out of steam as the day runs out of hours.   (more…)

Ace of Spades

So the other day my room mate and I hit up a multiplayer game of Battlefield 3.  But, EA’s online capabilities weren’t very… online.

So I suggested Ace of Spades to my room mate.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Awesome.” I replied.

If old-school Counter-Strike lost it’s shop system in a horrific war-time incident, then mated with the much younger, ripe, blocky Minecraft, Ace of Spades would be the bundle of joy emerging from the female of the two’s lady parts (ie. Minecrafts vagina).  And thankfully, Ace of Spades inherited the “It’s much more fun than it looks” recessive gene from its mother. (more…)

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